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Best Apple Airpods Alternative 2017 Wireless Earbuds and Earphones


The Apple Airpods are coming out soon with a big price tag of $159 USD. Apple hasn’t announced the official Apple Airpods release date, though many suspect them to be released early 2017.

The Airpod design doesn’t have the “revolutionary and innovative” look which we expect from Apple. At a glance you will recognize them as their signature earphones style with the removal of the headphone cord.

We currently stock some amazing wireless earbuds which are excellent alternatives to the Apple Airpods.

Love to be first to rock new technology for 2017? Can’t wait for the Airpods release or just don’t like Apple. No matter your reasons are, check out these worthy wireless earphones!



Syllable D900 MINI

Now these bad boys have everything you could ask for. They come in a protective intelligent smart case that will keep them safe while charging them. The Syllable D900 Mini have a sleek black design and are lightweight at only 5g per earpiece.

They come with comfortable silicone ear hooks, which will means they will be great for low impact to intense workouts. The D900 mini will without a doubt take the spot as your favorite workout companions.

You will able to enjoy your music up to 10 meters away from the playing device (standard for  Bluetooth devices). Created to seamlessly connect to all the news devices. Whether it’s your iPhone 7, Google Pixel (any android devices) or Macbook.



Our second pick is the QCY Q29 Wireless earphones without any cables. These tiny earbuds are awesome and stylish. Just like the D900 they have a protective case which will keep them charged and ready for any scenario.

Sadly the Q29 doesn’t feature ear hooks, therefore they are better suited for casual music listening and wireless phone calls, rather the sports.  Nonetheless, the Q29 are a great pair of wireless earbuds and will definitely get you into the world of wireless music enjoyment without breaking the bank.

Compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices like Samsung Galaxy, iPhones, Google Nexus/Pixel


Bottom line

Both the QCY Q29 and Syllable D900 Mini are great Bluetooth earbuds, which are available to buy online today. Check out our latest deals on all wireless headphones and earphones. 2017 will be the year of wireless music.


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